Sunday, July 22, 2012

About Esther Harrison

After walking away from an antiquated patriarchal belief system, "Phoenix of Faith" author has discovered she has created a healthy new reality. How did that come about?

Beyond farm life, religious activity with the family, and attending school as an "outcast" she was isolated from social contact. She grew up feeling like she did not "belong" — anywhere. While in her 40's, Esther had reached a point in her life where she didn't like who she saw in the mirror. She wasn't happy in her marriage. She also had serious doubts about life which the family religion was unable to address.

Esther looks back and wishes she had left her marriage after three miserable years where she had a safe exit point. Instead, she let herself be assimilated by the religion that she had once tried to leave at age sixteen. It was a religion that openly enabled — and even encouraged — all the dysfunction in a marriage like hers. Sadly, the teachings of the family religion were all she had ever known.

Could she change her beliefs enough to change her disparate — odd — reality? "Phoenix of Faith" is the result after becoming aware of the religious and social forces influencing her life.

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  1. So glad to see your story coming to fruition in book form, Esther. I'm looking forward to reading it, and highly commend you for the strength and courage you have shown in relaunching your life.

  2. Hi Doreen, So lovely to see your comment. I really must say what a wonderful source of encouragement you have been all along. Your kind words and your example have gently coached me along the writing journey. I am so grateful! :)


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