Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Years Resolutions

"I am empowered to move forward or make space and my gift is letting go," reads my horoscope.

I could look back and see where I came from and see all what is "wrong" with my world — or I can look forward and create something new and wonderful for myself.

I choose to be true to myself and will only regret the opportunities I don't take to seek my heart's desire. The air is alive with wonderment and magic. There is a pervading feeling of the anticipation of something magnificent. I trust that changes within me are occurring on subtle levels rather than in dramatic shifts into a whole new reality. Awareness comes continually at the pace that I am able to process comfortably.

I am contentedly aware of the ebbs and flows of progression as they happen. I calmly listen to my inner being during these times and follow its promptings. I surrender to the quietness within to allow integration to occur with relative ease.

I am a cocoon. I am learning to follow the inner guidance of my heart. I observe the thoughts that are coming forth and understand that my experiences from the past are now history, yet are being reviewed, one by one. Out of that observation I realize that these experiences helped me to get to the present time-space reality. It is at this point that I am truly learning who I am. I discern that which I truly am from all that I am not. The result is a greater harmony within. My soul acknowledges all that no longer works for me and creates a new pattern that will take me in the new direction I desire.

I am open to allow growth without judgment or question, knowing my experiences were a necessary part of my growth during this lifetime. I love myself unconditionally, regardless of what others think. I allow myself to be free of the past, yet accept my "gifts" which the past provides.

Interestingly, dancing was a doorway into my new life — my door to a joyful time. I now give energy to my new life. The present manifests in the most wonderful and surprising manner! It is time to focus on a pleasant life. After all, what I focus upon provides the energy to create it.

I am grateful!

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