Friday, February 1, 2013


I knew of a therapist once who told all his clients, "Affirmations don't work, so don't do that!"

Admittedly, some of my past affirmations didn't always work. They sounded like too much of a stretch from where I presently was to where I wanted to be. I have since learned that affirmations must be believable. For example, for someone struggling to pay their bills, to affirm, "All the abundance of the Universe is now mine" sounds like pure fiction. But, could not a person realistically come to believe in their ability to be debt-free if they could reason in a little more "general" kind of way? Perhaps.

New doors of opportunity open for me. After all, they have in the past. I paid off all my bills in the past and I know that I can do it again. I have seen it with my own eyes and it is exciting to behold. I know I now have the means within me to pay for my student loan!

In other words, I know that whatever I set my intention towards I can successfully accomplish. So, I had to convince myself, based on past history, that my goal of paying my student loan is do-able. So, then I could more generally affirm, "I have the means within me and all is well with my finances!"

The student loan is not in vain. New doors certainly open in most unexpected ways! Happily, I was able to successfully complete my Certificate Program in Multimedia and Web Design.

Energetically, shifts do occur once I affirm my goals. Shifts occur after I set my intentions, establish priorities and gain clarity of how I see my future. Quite simply, I affirm how I would like my world to appear. After all, I am the Creator of my own reality! Anyone who gets a personal email from will note my signature line quoting Peter Drucker's famous words, which have personal application for me:

"The Best Way To Predict The Future
is to Create It!" ~~Peter Drucker

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  3. Have any studies been done on affirmations? Is it the same as the Power of Positive Thinking? Is there any follow-through needed after you have done an affirmation? Would the placebo effect have anything to do with the power of positive thinking and affirmations? All very interesting psychology....

  4. In my experience, I began with positive thinking, when I got involved with a group which was into the "positivity" philosophy in Saskatoon back in the year 2000. I feel sure that one must be in the state to think positively before making affirmations. After all, if one wants to manifest something healthy, wouldn't it have to be positive in order for one to grow on one's life path?

    Unless, of course, someone has chosen to go backwards ... which happens sometimes. I had a friend (in the past) who totally gave away her power, lost a modeling job, and spiraled down into being a welfare recipient, after falling into fear and going uber-religious.

    I haven't given up on her. I hold the vision that she might still want to reclaim her power and her life, then take some healthy action in that direction. Ultimately, the choice is hers to make. No one can do it for her.