Sunday, June 2, 2013

Amazing Inner Being

Appearances can be deceptive. For example, bad governments get re-elected, politicians begrudge pension payouts to constituents who have paid into the fund for fifty years, yet these same governments pay immigrants who never contributed at all. Employers spend their employees' pensions and grumble about paying their loyal employees a living wage. Sounds like a dismal existence, which from time to time causes me no small degree of consternation. I struggle to find better-feeling thoughts to buoy me past those frights. The above is not at all what I wish to create for my future. Sounds too much like the Armageddon the elders predicted for me since leaving the family religion.

At the end of the work day, the battery in my phone measured ten percent and was prompting me to plug it in. I sooo rely on my music to bring me into my heart and I hoped that I could get home without running out of power. Desiring the best, I plugged in, and away I went.

I managed to get to the bus stop and the music was still playing. Yes!

By the time the bus arrived at the first leg of my trip, the adagio in my headset was thrilling my heart. I breathed a sigh of relief!

Before I realized, I disembarked at my transfer point and violins in concert with the piano swelled my heart into a crescendo!

I recalled a recent dream about a girl who passionately loved listening to music. I knew the girl in the dream was about me, so I was waiting on my inner being to teach me more about the dream's significance during my morning meditations.

I began to realize a small miracle was playing out, which had to do with my love of music. My phone power usually lasts two days and it was now the end of day three.

Then, I remembered the four-leaf clover I found at the bus stop this morning. Oh, what a lucky day I was having!

I arrived at my corner bus stop and the music was still playing as I disembarked from the bus.

I advanced in step with the music all the way to the back gate of my house and only then did my phone beep at me again to charge my battery. Indeed.

I shut off my music and soared inside my home. I made it all the way home! Listening to my glorious music!

Certainly, the object lesson is to trust that I always have whatever power I need to get my tasks done. I am always looked after by my higher self. No need to ever feel lack or limitation. I am fully supported and deeply loved by my inner being, for which I am truly thankful.

No need to look at external events and feel afraid. Bad governments will come and go but I will not need to concern myself with their antics. My inner being is empowered to provide well for all of my requirements and desires.

Thank you Inner Being for this awesome object lesson!

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  1. Lovely post, Esther. Indeed, we should not the negativity of external forces diminish our spirit from within. You've got to keep focused on the light in your life, and then those evil external forces will weaken and diminish.

  2. That day was a truly magical one for me. It completely helped me to see the need to keep focused on the light in my life, just as you describe. My world looks just a little brighter these days. Thanks so much for your validating comment! :)

  3. Hey, lady, I finally found you!! It's Zid!! Got kicked off of JWN about a year ago so couldn't reply to your posts, but here I am!!

  4. Hi Zid, Keep in touch! Love you! ~~satinka


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