Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Changing Guides

I have found myself in somewhat of a funk lately — kind of disconnected from activity going on around me, kind of in my own world and kind of blue. I’ve never been really good at sharing how I feel, but maybe it's time to come out of my shell. So, as I ever so cautiously confided my sense of vulnerability and withdrawal to a dear wise woman, she suggested it’s nothing serious, since it might be as simple as, “you are changing guides.”

I don’t know how many other people are feeling similarly, but I feel like I did a type of “flip” and I’m no longer the same person that I used to be — anymore.

True, there have been shifts in my life — some big, some not. More people who I thought might be friends turned out to be — not. On the other hand, I have made some beneficial gains. With the new energy upon us, my understanding of my new situation is beginning to make more sense after my friend consoled me about our ever-present, ever-caring, ever-guiding — spiritual guides.

I thought about other times in my life when I felt this funk. It never lasted long, as I gained new awareness around the shifts going on in my life. Most — if not all — of the changes were necessary for my spiritual growth. A true friend was always with me at the right time with just the right words, like Daisy in Chapter 37 of my book, Phoenix of Faith. I still speak of her as an angel that appeared at the right moment, with comforting words of wisdom to lift my spirit.

I like to walk in nature, so I fell back to what I know. I meandered to the edge of my favorite stream in a nearby park. There was no one else around, just me and the stream. I have written about some pleasant experiences I had enjoyed at this stream in a past blog.

As the brook excitedly bubbled and chattered along, the most extraordinary urge came over me to sing — something I did very little of throughout my life. Surprisingly, the singing soothed me, especially since the babbling creek seemed to drown out my unsteady and untrained voice. A few moments may have gone by when I began to notice a flurry of activity in a nearby tree. My eyes followed the sounds up the trunk into the branches to observe a flock of chickadees, who apparently did hear me over the din of the flowing water. I became intrigued with their presence as they commenced a sing-along. When I paused — they paused. When I began to sing again, they sang too! Well, at least that’s how it seemed to me.

It didn’t take very long before the sun seemed to shine brighter and warmer. The brook gurgled along more enthusiastically as the birds drew in ever closer to me. Our collective melody certainly found me in my heart, filled with gratitude, as I began to feel “at one” with all that is.

I just love nature! It never fails to fix what ails me!

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  1. Hi Esther: Isn't so true, that every once in awhile, we feel out of sorts with ourselves? I had the same thing happen to me over the weekend, when I didn't feel like going out to be among people at a gathering we were invited to. That's definitely not like me! But I was just in a state of mind where I didn't want to chat, to share, to socialize ... Well, the feeling has passed now and I'm relieved. I don't know if I, too, had a changing of the guards/guides, but I'm now ready to move forward with whatever life brings me. I would have loved to have attended your chickadee concert!

    1. Doreen, you would be most welcome at any chickadee concert and not as a guest, but as a performer! Bring some of the deer with you, okay? They could provide great accompaniment. :)

  2. Nice. Mother Nature does her healing act once again!