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Organic Eating as a Way of Life

I am another person who has recently "gone organic." Gluten-free, too (since 2005). But, I discovered that gluten-free wasn’t good enough, when I fell sick with shingles in the summer of 2013. My doctor said I might have to live on anti-viral pills for the rest of my life to keep the shingles at bay...and I KNEW that kind of treatment would kill me. Quite literally. I walked out of his office and located a naturopathic doctor who suggested that the only way to build up my immune system and my health was to go completely organic.

"Our bodies are designed not for drugs, but for nutrition," he gently reminded me.

I could sense the clear logic in that statement and I heartily agreed with him.

So I went home and began my transition to real food.

Not a small feat, but through my learning process I discovered how much Genetically Modified Organism food (GMO food) I had been eating. Inadvertently, of course. Now I so obviously am not a fast-food fiend, being gluten-free. Most fast-food places do have not even one gluten-free item and most of that food would be GMO besides.

Nevertheless, I was getting enough crap food in my body to make me sick. It would kill me if I didn’t take drastic measures.

"Start where you are at," my new improved doctor stated matter-of-factly. "Begin with your staples. In other words, what do you eat for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner?"

I had recorded the food I was eating ahead of my appointment and found that I wasn't too far off course, from what he was now suggesting. Lots of good home cooking plus occasionally eating out at a "good" family restaurant in our neighborhood. Good food, except for lots of pesticides. *sigh* But I had to start somewhere. Some people learn much from their mistakes. Maybe not even mistakes. Just a learning process. I was encouraged!

My first shopping spree for organic groceries was most interesting. My selected foods contained the labels "organic" and "gluten-free."

I was surprised how much healthy food remains on the shelves and in the bins. The food industry would have us believe that up to ninety percent (90%) of the grocery store food is GMO and sprayed with pesticides. During my quest for healthy food and knowledge, I realized more and more new "health foods" are springing up with my kind of labels: "Organic" and "Gluten-Free." I am excited how well my new lifestyle is going!

Of course most vegetables are not glutenous. Mostly, that term applies to the breads and processed "convenience" foods. My biggest challenge was finding a "gluten-free and organic" bread. Only one such bread exists at my grocery store: Silver Hills makes a "Chia Chia" and a "Flax" gluten-free, organic bread. I put quotation marks around it because the bread base is really Sorghum. Chia seeds or flax flour are added ingredients. I find myself eating very little bread, only about two slices per week, just because the bread is, well, kind of like a brick.

Now I read every. single. label in my quest for safe ingredients.

I discovered that all ingredients must be organic, otherwise they may be genetically modified or else sprayed with toxic pesticides — or both.

I learned that:
  • Organic labels have a five-digit product code, beginning with nine (9----),
  • GMO foods begin with eight (8----),
  • A four-digit number beginning with four (4---) means the product is conventionally-grown, likely with pesticides (or else they would call themselves "organic").

During the short time since I've "gone organic," my life has changed considerably for the better. After one week, the shingles infection had cleared up. I have regained my health, with no recurring episodes of shingles. I plan to keep my good health and that means I will never go back to the state of ignorance from whence I came. Best thing is I'm not craving any of those foods from my past. The one thing that I do miss is eating out. But, I figure that restaurants will come on board, once they figure they are losing entire families at a time by not serving organic selections.

Yet, I feel like I have barely scratched the surface.

I support the initiatives to go organic and follow many good websites and blogs to keep myself informed about eating my way to health. And really, organic is how our food existed before the big food monopolies decided to create toxic food for us.

From now on, I decide what to eat and what to avoid!

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  1. Terrific post, Esther. I really love the statement from the doctor who said our bodies are meant to eat organically, and that chemicals are killing us. I continue to eat more and more organic goods and am trying to limit the amount of gluten I eat, but that's hard b/c I live with someone who is addicted to pastries and baked goods. Thx for all the helpful links.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Doreen. My all-time favorite quote is one by none other than Thomas Edison. “The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.”

      I hold the vision that day is near. :) <3

  2. Good stuff, Esther. Our bodies (and minds) can thrive on good food and good digestion. Check out the "gut-brain connection" on the Internet, if you haven't already.

  3. Hi Neall, Yes, I have been reading all kinds of articles about the connection between an organic diet and health benefits. I understand that children with autism, epilepsy, ADHD and a host of other problems have been helped immediately upon switching to an organic diet. Of course, in families, when a child is undergoing illness, it is most beneficial for the entire family to make the switch. Thus my comment: "I figure that restaurants will come on board, once they figure they are losing entire families at a time by not serving organic selections."

    I believe in "Being the change"!

    Thanks for checking my blog out.