Saturday, July 5, 2014

Goddess Hecate

I've been exploring a book about the goddesses lately and love what I am learning. For example, while I'm reading about the goddess Hecate, who represents crossroads, I'm trying to apply what a crossroads might look like regarding my personal life.
In life, when I come to a crossroads, I now realize I always have a choice. At first, the idea of making my own choice without consulting someone "over me" seemed like an overwhelming concept. After all, I was always taught that the religious elders knew more than me about what to do. I know now, that was merely how I was conditioned to believe and it had very little to do with the real me. But, being away from that old patriarchal view for so long — and with some practice — I realized that if I know where I am going, then that knowledge often determines the direction I would sensibly and reasonably choose for myself. All by myself! No matter what I wanted to "be" I am reminded that I am really so much more. I am aspects of the Divine Feminine. I am aspects of the goddess I choose to work with — or who chooses to work with me. I am love. I am all that is. I am one with nature. I am beautiful on the inside and attractive on the outside because I am being true to myself. I am mystery. I am my beliefs. And I am even more!

The Goddess Hecate is accompanied by three hounds. Dog energy is known to be friendly and trustworthy and they have proven to be some of our best and most loyal of companions. Dogs also have inherent, instinctual ability to know information about a person. Pet owners often have noticed this trait when witnessing how their animal may growl at someone for no apparent reason to us, yet very apparent to the animal. Interestingly, the dog(s) is/are three-headed, which means the number three becomes significant. Lately I have become aware of how I live in three worlds: The daily world of work and life, the world that our governments would like to project, plus the world of love that I would like to project. Life keeps getting more interesting.

A happy new realization for me is to know that my beliefs create my reality, as encouragement to make decisions for myself. When I release or shift beliefs which no longer serve me, anything is possible. Yes, I really believe because I have seen the truth of that again and again in my life already!

I took the bold step of leaving the family religion which had been keeping me stuck. The joyous step which emboldened me to free myself of religious bondage consisted of dancing. That spirited past-time distracted me big time, so that when the crossroads of decision arrived: namely "toe the line of the religion or get disfellowshipped" — I chose the latter. At great expense to me — seemingly — yet a whole new world of fascination opened up for me. I was able to leave my belief of disability, which opened the door for me to support myself. When I got disfellowshipped that action opened a whole new crossroads of decision once again. I elected to move to British Columbia and began working alongside amazing healers which enabled me to let go of some big health issues such as chronic back pain and migraine headaches. I manifested a long-term job which I thoroughly enjoy. I wrote my autobiography. At the time I didn't know that dog energy was guiding me, but now I know why I made the choices I did. It was because I inherently trusted the inner guidance I was receiving, which was the path to freedom. It was the choice I desired to make. And I did it for my Self.

Really, if I didn't take on the challenge of changing my beliefs, where would I find myself? Or, more to the point: Where would I still be stuck?

I am sure that other crossroads will present themselves as I weave my way through this life, but I don't fear making decisions anymore. After all, if I survived the demonization by religious elders who have turned my own children against me — yet I thrive — I know I can survive anything. I am unstoppable! Becoming a self-directed person is actually faith-strengthening. But now my faith is in my Self, rather than some bully god who must use threats to keep his flock of "sheeple" in line — because some people are still at that place of learning, and that's okay.

I send love and light to all people who are desiring freedom to outgrow their childhood conditioning.

And now I know that when Hecate comes for a visit, I am about to arrive at a new crossroads. I'll keep you posted. Comments are welcome.

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