Monday, April 17, 2017

Another Harper-Style Government for BC in 2017?

Who among us wants another Stephen Harper-style government when May 9, 2017 arrives? Very few, I suspect. Liberals and Conservatives are cut from the same cloth and subject to breaking promises. The majority of Canadians voted for Justin Trudeau believing electoral reform would happen, which would provide a voter with some power, at least in theory. “This will be the last election using FPTP,” promised Mr. Trudeau. Sadly, he broke this critically important promise. It reminded me of Stephen Harper's litany of broken promises. If the link is broken, let me know. I saved a pdf version of this article.

Why do I say, “a Harper-style government”? Good question. Here are 24 Connections linking Christy Clark’s B.C. Liberals to Stephen Harper’s Conservatives. Again, if the link is broken, let me know.

What do you suppose Christy Clark and Stephen Harper
are cooking up for British Colombians in 2017?
Many people had hoped that once we elected Harper out of office, that we would see the last of him. Most unfortunately for B.C., that is not so. The B.C. Liberals have hired many of his staff, including Harper himself, now pre-election, provincially. Provincial Liberals are hoping all the conservatives will be voting for Christy Clark, and thus breathe new life into their corrupt and failing political organization.

Okay, now that we know what kind of government we don’t want, let’s get clear on what we do want.

First, we want a government of the people. One of the tools that corrupt governments use are private foundations. They sponsor $10,000 per plate dinners and invite their pet corporations to this “pay-to-play” dinner where they can buy government favors. How do you think the KM pipeline project began? Or LNG factories? Or Site C Dam promises? Or fracking for gas? Yes, these babies were all incubated at such elite fundraising events. Let’s ensure these bad-for-BC businesses are never birthed! You may be interested to know that until recently, all parties accepted corporate or union donations. Recently, the Green Party of Canada announced they would no longer accept corporate or union donations. Their party is now supported exclusively by us, the people. The Greens have gained much momentum since following through on that decision.

Second, vote for a party who is committed to and has a fair vote system in their election platform. We the people deserve representation in government. It’s our tax dollars at stake, after all. Let’s make our tax dollars work for us, rather than dished out to pet corporations as “subsidies.” Our tax dollars have no business being used for "share-holder" incentives. Corporations are supposed to be supported by shareholders, not tax dollars. This practice has been dubbed "Corporate Welfare" and is morally corrupt.

Don’t you think it’s time to clean up government corruption and restore democracy?

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