Saturday, April 15, 2017

Is Big Brother Watching?

Many people are becoming concerned that we are being watched by government agencies through our phones, our computers, and even our kitchen appliances! If Big Brother reads my emails, it doesn't mean the world is a safer place as a result. It just means that they have access to my emails. If they want to read my emails, then by all means, knock yourself out. The only warning I would issue is that I have a pretty boring life. I doubt very much that government has any interest in me, personally, beyond collecting taxes.

I understand what it feels like to be watched. When I was about fourteen years old, I discovered I had a voyeuristic father who climbed up on top our woodpile to watch me get ready for bed. At the time he freaked me out, but after awhile I developed strategies to evade him, such as getting undressed in the dark, when bedtime rolled around. I used my evenings to do homework. If I didn't have homework, I would read novels. My father must have been bored out of his mind.

As an adult, I apostatized from the family religion. Before the religious elders could accuse me of any "wrong-doing," they had to acquire proof of such activity. They did this, I learned, by stalking me for a time. When my dance partner and I came out from lessons, I sometimes observed familiar silhouettes skulking in the shadows of nearby bushes or behind cars. They would never say a greeting, but would only observe from a distance, then slither away after we left. Yes, they caught me red-handed with my dance shoes in hand. Indeed, it was a shocking discovery for them to find out that I was dating and having fun taking dance lessons, instead of knocking on doors and selling religious magazines.

If Big Brother is spending our tax dollars spying on ordinary citizens, then I say they are really wasting our tax dollars and yielding very little results. Not a very cost-effective project by any means. They might get better results by properly vetting immigrants and refugees, making sure they aren't terrorists and don't have criminal records before indiscriminately allowing them into Canada. It seems the governments know very little about other cultures that are at odds with our own traditions. Vet cultures that are much more aggressive than ordinary Canadians (who get laughed at for being "overly polite.") But then it has also been said that our current governments have the globalist mindset and are actually being paid to destabilize their own countries in order to have better control of their populations.

Perhaps governments have become too large. Some have become like big bullies on the playground — too much like gangs of thugs. Perhaps we the people need to rein in their powers, and reclaim those powers that we wrongly gave to them. Such leaders are undeserving of the power that we gave them. Perhaps we the people have a lesson to learn about where healthy boundaries lie when it comes to our personal power and what — if any — authority we give to these onerous governments with unruly and dishonest agendas.

My freedom of choice and my liberty is important to me. It is more important than security because I have nothing to hide by being true to myself. And like I said earlier, if Big Brother sees fit to stalk me, then knock yourself out!

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