Sunday, April 16, 2017

Three Ways to Reclaim Political Voice

It is now clear to me that Justin Trudeau gained political power by promising a fair voting system. Sadly, after he got elected, he quickly backed out of fulfilling that campaign promise. His inaction was a betrayal of Canadians. Many of us believe a new electoral system is much needed for citizens to be fairly represented in parliament. Currently, many of our so-called “leaders” completely ignore voters as they turn to corporate donors who pay big dollars to gain political favors. This is an absolute abuse of their power.

So, how do we make our votes count?

First, get rid of the First Past the Post (FPTP) electoral system, which Canada now uses. Replace FPTP with a fair system. This short TEDx Video explains more.

Second, vote for a candidate whose platform favors a fair electoral system. Here is a short video I like about a system that New Zealand uses and their population seems to like it.

Third, get out and vote! So many people complain about government, but don’t show up at the polls. According to Wikipedia, voter turnout was 57.1% in the last provincial election. Of course the numbers varied from riding to riding. 10 of the 85 ridings had less than 50% voter turnout. Richmond and Kelowna were the only major cities with under 50% turnout. I believe that if the population that don't believe in voting would step up and take some political responsibility for what is — and isn’t — happening in this province, we could create effective democratic changes.

Are You New to Voting?

If you have never voted before, check out the Elections B.C. website. Everything you need to get started is found on the Elections B.C. website. You can vote in the 2017 Provincial General Election if you are a Canadian citizen, 18 or older on General Voting Day, and a resident of B.C. for the past six months. Elections B.C. covers subjects such as your electoral district, new voters, and a new voter's guide. Before 2006 I knew nothing about politics, but I made a new friend who helped me understand a bit about how politics works. Check out the Elections B.C. website.

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