Friday, October 27, 2017

Positive Energies Come from the Sun

Positive energies of peace, love, and light can — and are — being used to counter negative energies on the planet, at the current time. But, did you know that our sun brings to us strong energies of love, as well as strong energies of light? Isn’t it obvious after what we already know about the sun? We learn early in life that our sun is so bright we cannot look directly at it.

During the time of the recent eclipse, special sunglasses
or else welding glasses were used to protect the eyes.
Photo: Courtesy of York University, Faculty of Science

Even though the sun is so bright we cannot look at it, that doesn't mean the sun is malevolent. It's not an entity we would want to block. The sun is life-giving. In fact, we — and all life — could not exist without our beloved sun!

satinka's dream
I recently had a dream about the sun shining brightly after a tropical-like deluge. A beautiful rainbow stood between the storm and the sun.

Here is an interesting suggestion. How about interacting with the sun? Even if we cannot safely look directly at the sun, we can close our eyes, feel the warmth and love from the sun, and ask the sun to send love to planet earth and to all living beings on our planet. The sun will hear our request. Yes it will, as it too is a living being and part of us, since we are truly one with all! Day and night we can ask the sun to bring love energies to the planet. Love in turn helps to bring peace to the planet — a most welcome offering I'm sure!

May all beings be happy,
May all beings be at peace,
May all beings be free!

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